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North Dakota has several nicknames such as the “Peace Garden State”, “Roughrider State”, and the “Flickertail State”. North Dakota’s tag line is “Legendary” which stems from “a place where folks become legendary” referencing  legendary figures such as Theodore Roosevelt and Lewis & Clark.

North Dakota is the next stop in the United States of Energy ranking number 3 in residential electricity prices compared to 52 other US states averaging $8.13 Megawatts per hour. Major electric power plants include coal and hydroelectric with coal as a primary contributor to state emissions. Nearly all of the electricity generated in North Dakota is produced by coal-fired power plants. North Dakota accounts for about 2 percent of total US crude oil production. On the other end of the spectrum, Dakota Gasification Company in Beulah is the nation’s only synthetic natural gas producer.

Did you know? The town of Rugby is the geographical center of North America. A rock obelisk about 15 feet tall, flanked by poles flying the United States and Canadian flags marks the location.

The rock obelisk isn’t the only large “monument” in North Dakota. Turtle Lake celebrates turtles with a two-ton sculpture of a turtle near the entrance to the city. The town is home of the annual United States Turtle Racing Championship. Other reptile-like creatures that have a big presence in North Dakota are Dinosaurs. The Dakota Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson houses twelve full-scale dinosaurs, thousands of rock, mineral and fossil specimens and a complete real Triceratops and Edmontosaurus.

Do you know any fun facts about North Dakota?

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