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Kilowatts of Kindness

Happy Friday! As promised, I am writing to inform you on the progress of the Kilowatts of Kindness initiative brought to you by Power2Switch. We are in the early developmental stages of branding, user experience, and content. The image included with this post is just a little teaser of what you can expect on the creative end of the project. In the meantime we are continuing our research while gauging the community’s response to the information we have released about the initiative. The Echoing Green Challenge gained us a few positive responses via twitter, some likes on facebook, as well as a couple of shares on LinkedIn, which was pretty exciting! We hope to see more feedback in the near future as we continue to reveal more information leading up to the launch, which we will be testing in Texas initially.

This brings me to my next point, we are reaching out to our current customer base, our social network, as well as friends and family of the Power2Switch team to spread the word about a survey we are doing for the Kilowatts of Kindness initiative. The survey is short… five questions specific to what it means to live in Texas and to be a Texan. If you know any Texans that can enlighten us, Chicago locals, please share this survey with them.

We appreciate the support we have received from our friends, family, followers and current customer base as we reach out to learn how we can disrupt the energy space. At Power2Switch we are constantly exploring ways to make energy interesting and more engaging. Feedback helps us understand how to create those types of experiences… so thank you!

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