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Justice for All!

What other state can you visit to take on an alternate identity and learn about espionage while “living the life of a spy”? Washington DC is the home of the President of the United States and the White House as well as many monuments and memorials paying respect to the many great leaders of our country. Washington DC is also the home of the International Spy Museum where people have an opportunity to experience life as a spy, choose an alternate identity, be tested at check points and crawl through ductwork while learning the history of actual spies and the lifestyle of espionage.

Okay, enough nerding out over alternate identities and espionage, let’s talk energy data! Washington DC is ranked number 34, in our United States of Energy data series, in residential prices compared to 52 other US states averaging $14.01 Megawatts per hour. The overall average price of energy in the District of Columbia is among the highest in the United States largely because it has the highest natural gas prices and the second highest motor gasoline prices in the contiguous United States. The major electric power plant in the District of Columbia is petroleum.

Although high electricity prices are in relation to high natural gas prices and high motor gasoline prices, the weather can be a factor as well. Winter temperatures average around 38 degrees Fahrenheit with an average annual snowfall of 15.6 inches. During a typical year, the city averages about 37 days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above and 64 nights at or below freezing.

Grab your trench coats to stay warm or to take on your alternate identity as a spy!

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