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How to Be Smart about Moving Costs

 Moving is high on the list of life’s stress-inducing events. Consumers are often surprised by how expensive a move can be and sometimes caught off-guard by move costs they didn’t anticipate. But with good planning and research, you can be smart about moving costs and make it easier on yourself and the budget.

DIY or Use the Pros?

One of the first questions you need to answer is whether you’ll use professional movers or go the DIY route. There are distinct advantages to both. You’ll make a more informed decision by reviewing your options, answering some questions and following the moving industry tips below.

  • Time Is Money: It’s true you can save money moving yourself, but factor in your time. Will you need to take off work to pack and move? This is particularly tough on self-employed folks or those who have very little paid time off.
  • Avoid High Season: Most people move during the summer months, but because this is moving’s high season, avoid moving then if possible.
  • Amount of Stuff: If this is your first move from an apartment to a home, you probably have fewer items and it might be a doable DIY move. But if you’ve accumulated a lot of possessions, including that heavy sofa, hiring pros might make sense.

Reviews, Please

Most people now rely heavily on other consumers’ reviews. When you’re checking out moving companies, be sure and read customer reviews on their websites and third-party websites. It’s also good to see how watchdog groups like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have rated the company. Get referrals from family and friends, too. Be sure to read reviews that describe how any dispute with a company was settled or handled. Good professional movers want happy customers, so you should see satisfactory resolutions.

Get Reliable Estimates

If you plan on using a moving company, get any estimates in writing. It’s also crucial to get apples-to-apples estimates from movers. One quote might sound really cheap, but not provide all the services you require. Are they including full coverage for replacement of your possessions? How do they calculate mileage? Most moving websites include a moving cost calculator. Using this tool will give you a fairly good estimate of your moving costs and being prepared with this estimate when you talk to moving companies gets you ahead of the game.

For a better idea of how moving companies figure your moving estimate, check out this explanation of the quote’s components: “What’s the Deal: How a Moving Company Estimates Charges.”

Keep Track of Expenses

Using moving checklists and keeping track of all moving-related receipts and expenses will help you stay on top of the process. The IRS even allows deductions for certain moving expenses!

Ready, Set, Move

Being prepared and knowledgeable about the financial realities of your upcoming move, you’ll be ready to tackle the project and have your move completed, knowing that doing your homework paid off.

Guest Post by our friends at Mymove.com. Visit MyMove.com for a customizable moving checklist, hand-picked deals and moving resources from real professionals. Have a less expensive, less stressful move.

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