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High Electric Bill? Your Email Address Might Be To Blame

Email provider affects electricity billsWant to save $110 a year on your electricity? In addition to switching electricity suppliers, there’s yet another way to save money on your electric bills. Make the switch from Yahoo to Gmail!


Yep, according to this recent article on Fast Company, homes with Yahoo Mail users consume about 11% more electricity per square foot than Gmail users. Basically, if you’re a Yahoo user, you are out of date in a lotta ways. It turns out that Gmail users tend to be city dwellers with smaller homes, they travel more often, are living the single life, are a few years younger than Yahoo users, and are overall more conscientious about their energy usage. So then, it appears the typical Yahoo user profile looks something like this:

Older married tv-watching suburban homebody with kids. And maybe a dog?

I’m also going to throw in that you’re likely Republican, since Democrats tend to care more about the environment, and hence use less electricity. (Nope, I’m not generalizing or anything… )

So, all you need to do to save some extra money is give your kids up for adoption, send your spouse packing, trade in your split-level for a loft space, travel the world, turn off your lights, and vote for Barack. Oh, and switch to Gmail. Sounds simple enough, right?

OR… you could just do the easy thing, and switch your electricity supplier!

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