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Hi. I’m in Delaware

Chances are, many people think of Wayne’s World (a popular 90s movie) when they think of Delaware… or maybe that’s just me! Delaware is known most famously as the first state to ratify the United States constitution which the state motto Liberty and Independence stems from.

Delaware is ranked number 40 in residential prices compared to 52 other US states, in our United States of Energy series, averaging $13.8 Megawatts per hour. The state’s major electric power plants are coal, hydroelectric and natural gas, mostly existing in Wilmington. Petroleum is not a primary contribution to emissions, however the Delaware City petroleum refinery supplies petroleum products to regional markets.

The state’s largest consumer of energy is the industrial sector, in part due to several energy-intensive industries, including petroleum refining, chemical production and other manufacturing. There aren’t many large things in Delaware, as it is a small state, however the largest shell collection is housed in the Delaware Museum of Natural History.

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