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Help Fulfill An Underprivileged Child’s Letter to Santa!!

Give Xmas gifts for underprivileged kids through Direct Effect CharitiesThrough my membership to Neighborhood Parents Network, I have become aware of an amazing organization called Direct Effect Charities (http://www.directeffectcharities.org/) here in Chicago. Each year, they obtain “Dear Santa” letters from students at various schools in underprivileged neighborhoods, and then seek out sponsors to fulfill the kids’ wishes. Each sponsor agrees to purchase a gift (with a max. price of $25) based on the letter received, wrap the gift, and then deliver it to the student’s respective school. All of the gifts are opened by the students at school on the same day. The thank you letters from the students on the Direct Effect website made me all teary! (Read some here — scroll way down.) We are super excited to receive our letters and play Santa for these deserving kids!

If you are interested in receiving a letter, too, you can email Shelly Tozzi (an awesome mom on NPN!) at this address and make a request: sat2007mail-sat@yahoo.com

Or, you can visit the Direct Effect Charity website: http://www.directeffectcharities.org/id2.html

They also accept donations to support this effort, along with several other fundraising initiatives.

Please take a moment to go “Like” their Facebook page as well, so we can get the word out about this great organization!



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