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Having a Positive Impact on the Environment: “We can all do our part”

We often hear people talking about sustainability, green choices, and our impact as humans on the environment in regards to our carbon footprint.  Some people view “green” and sustainability as a fad, but others take it quite seriously and believe that we can have a positive impact on the environment if we each do our part. Meet Amy Bloomberg… she is our featured customer of the month. Amy switched the family’s electricity supplier, through Power2Switch, not only to save on their electricity bill but more importantly to have the option for green energy. After helping Amy switch to a 50% renewable energy rate, we were excited to learn that Amy and her family were about to take another step towards a green lifestyle by purchasing a Volt, a hybrid electric and gas vehicle by Chevrolet. We reached out to Amy to chat more about the decision to purchase a hybrid car and be able to share that experience with you all!

The Decision

Prior to purchasing the Volt, the family car was a Hyundai Santa Fe or they relied on public transportation when possible. Amy and her family were in the market for a new car and spent 8 weeks determining if this was the right choice for them. Selling points for the family were: the Volt can go 40 miles on electricity, great gas mileage, super quiet, and the impact on the environment and personal carbon footprint as a family. After factoring in these points, the decision was easy especially since it was important to Amy to align with other green lifestyle choices the family was making.

When Amy and her family went to pick up the car, the dealership gave them a two- hour instructional session to explain the parts of the car and how it works. Basically, the dealer explained that the only thing they should touch under the hood is the windshield wiper fluid. Amy actually had her husband drive the car home and decided to practice in the neighborhood before taking her first drive in the car. She explained that the car is really smooth, offers a different driving experience and is the most technologically advanced thing they own. Amy is still figuring out the radio, but her kids have that one figured out for her!

Living a green lifestyle

Environmental impact was really the key selling point for the Bloomberg family. Amy and her family find other ways to live a green lifestyle, not just through choosing a renewable energy plan or by owning a hybrid car, but factoring in other parts of their daily life choices. Amy and her family compost and have even started their own organic gardening business. They live in Homewood where there aren’t many organic options in the grocery store so Amy decided to grow organic vegetables in their backyard. Bloomberg gardens, is the family’s organic garden and they sell produce at the Homewood French Market on Saturdays. In addition to organic gardening, the family lives by a motto “we can all do our part, even if it’s a very small part”

Amy shared her passion with me regarding the importance of creating awareness of what people are purchasing and how it effects the environment. She shared the challenges of being eco friendly when schools send so munch paper home with the kids. Additionally, many kid’s products are packaged in materials that are not good for the environment so she has been searching for ways to reuse the packaging and extend the life of the packaging before it has to go into the landfill or be recycled. Amy has her kids bring home empty yogurt containers, as well as asking other parents to do the same so she can collect them at school and use them for planting purposes in the garden.

In closing…

It was inspiring talking to Amy and hearing the passion in her voice as she shared her family’s lifestyle choices. It’s refreshing to know that people continue to be empowered to have a positive impact on the environment and encourage others to join them to make a difference.  Amy made a great point that I will leave you with “everybody has to do their part… it’s not going to change overnight, but we can all do our part”!

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