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Green initiatives by 5 of the worlds most sustainable companies

Newsweek carries out an annual review of the top companies in Global Sustainability. Assessed along the lines of environmental impact, environmental management, transparency & disclosure.  You can see the list here.

This year the number one company is Santander Brazil with their questionnaire that asks customers questions about their sustainable practice behavior. For customers whose responses give cause for concern, Santander provides them suggestions to improve their behavior before approving credit or loans.

Bell Canada saved 33,000 trees and 4,100 tons of carbon emissions by moving to electronic billing. This is something we at Power2Switch are also championing for US utilities by moving billing to the internet preventing customers from throwing more paper into the trash when they receive their electricity bill..

Nokia Eco-Hero devices: with the statistic that 140 million phones are trashed annually there is a need to ensure that phones are recyclable. Nokia the number 14 company on the Newsweek list chose to tackle this issue from the root by manufacturing the phones with biodegradable materials.

At IBM, the number four company on the Newsweek list, water that cools supercomputers at its Zurich lab is recycled and used to warm up nearby buildings.


One trend across a few of the businesses is the purchase of carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutrality or reductions. It’s a good way to start, but what other actions can you think of or what actions does your company do to be more sustainable?

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