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Fiscal Fridays: The practical guide to saving cash this holiday weekend

Everyone in NY knows just how expensive life can be. From rent, food, travel and tax, little expenses add up quickly. Well, we wanted to share a few in-house tips to help save a little cash to spend on better opportunities.

1. Cancel those trial subscriptions you sign up for: If you’re like me and you ALWAYS forget to cancel them- use a pre-paid gift card.  If you use a card with a low balance, well, you’ll thank us later.

2. Set an iPhone alarm to close bar tabs: Seriously, it sounds weird, but a few late-night alarms really help. If you listen to it (key!) you’ll save money, a hangover, and possibly your dignity. Because as your mother said- “Nothing good happens after 2 A.M.”  Below is mine:

 Bartab Alarm

3. Look to move to a smaller place to save a little on rent each month.

The rent in New York is absurdly high and a smaller place could help save a little cash.  There’s a great Tumblr to help out with this: The worst Room.


Ok… Fine, that’s not serious but if you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it.    (Hey, it’s Friday before a long weekend- we all know you’re not working anyways). Take these tips and soon enough, you’ll feel like this:

Source: http://www.rapperzoninstagram.com/


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