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Fiscal Fridays, The case for going out to lunch

At the P2S office, there’s often a “to go out to lunch” or “brown bag it” debate, and after some thought, the case for going out deserves to be heard.

Here’s why:

  1. Just look at Sad Desk Lunch- which chronicles pathetic lunch submissions of the 62% of Americans who eat their lunch at their desk.
  2. The clear mind benefit- leaving the office, walking outside (especially on a beautiful day) can positively affect, creativity, alertness, and overall work performance.
  3. The change of scenery, sometimes-new solutions emerge in new places, and there’s far less stress and a more relaxed environment.
  4. Most importantly, the food is just better.


As such, here are our top 5 West-Loop spots:

  1. J.P. Grazianos – Best Italian sandwich in the city
  2. Little Goat Bread- Or really any of the little goat/ girl and the goat spots
  3. Grange Hall- locally sourced burgers and fries
  4. The burrito spot in The French Market – No idea what the name is, but great hot sauce
  5. Saigon Sisters – high-end Vietnamese sandwiches, and Pho cures just about anything
  6. Jimmy Johns (hey, its fast, close and the soft drinks taste better than anywhere else)

Below: Inside of J.P. Grazianos

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