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Electricity Supplier Reviews: The Customers Speak!

Electricity Supplier Reviews and RatingsJust came across this handy little page on the Plug In Illinois site, which I often peruse for fun. (Yep, I’m kind of dorky like that.) In case you’re not aware, Plug In Illinois is a great resource that outlines electricity deregulation in Illinois and provides tools to learn about alternative electric suppliers and rate plans. Incidentally, over 494,000 residential customers have switched their electricity supplier in Illinois. (Are you one of them? If not, get with the program, my friend!)

So, about that page I was mentioning… it provides “Customer Complaint Statistics” for retail electricity suppliers in Illinois. (Not sure why Plug In Illinois has such a pessimistic view of the world -– couldn’t they have called it “Customer Approval Statistics,” or something? — but that’s neither here nor there, I suppose.)

Take a look here:

Whatever the case, this page offers Retail Electricity Supplier Complaint Scorecards, which list out 18 residential electricity suppliers and provide a ranking by “stars” for each supplier. Interestingly, despite the page’s title, the greater number of stars the supplier has, the fewer number of complaints that supplier has received. (Clearly, this page is not an exercise in logic, but just please bear with me.) So, don’t be confused by that, as I was initially. More stars = fewer complaints (compared to the average). And that’s a good thing.

Beyond the stars, however, there is little other info provided on the site. It doesn’t even define what a “complaint” comprises really. Certainly, complaints are highly subjective and no information is provided about what the complaints actually say. So, while I like where Plug In Illinois is going with this idea, I think a lot more could be said.

And that’s where Power2Switch comes in! We also offer an electricity supplier review page on our site, and we think ours are just a tad bit more comprehensive. In favor of stars, we rank electricity suppliers with lightning bolts, but more importantly, we provide detailed reviews from actual customers for electricity suppliers across the country. Customers can rank suppliers by assigning lightning bolts accordingly by “Value,” “Customer Service,” and “Billing” options, and can also leave a written description of their own personal experience with individual suppliers. No holds barred, candid feedback. So, while we at Power2Switch are clearly in favor of switching electricity suppliers to save money on your electric bill, don’t take our word for it! See what others have to say about the switching process here:

And, if you have already switched your electricity supplier (you smartie, you!), kindly click on your supplier’s name and leave your own review!




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