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Electricity News: Biweekly Roundup 2/15/2013

Welcome to our BiWeekly roundup of information from EIA (Electricity Information Administration) and other news sources across the web and give you our objective assessment of the information.

2013 Expectations for the electricity industry: At the annual state of the industry address of the Edison Electric Institute the president, Thomas R Kuhn, shared the view that the electricity industry is robust and will continue to show strong financial returns for all players. Emphasis in his talk was placed on working on the transition issues about to be faced due to governmental tax reforms, cybersecurity threats and opportunities as we move into the smart grid era of the utility industry, gas prices and the effect it has on electricity prices and the environmental impact of energy/electricity usage.

Cisco’s Connected Grid for Utility Companies: With a suite of product offerings Cisco’s approach to the smart grid is one that purports to enable the existing infrastructure to connect to (in their words) ‘making the different parts of the power system speak to each other without rebuilding the entire system‘. If the promise holds true, the avoidance of the prohibitive costs of ripping and replacing infrastructure is something proponents and opponents will agree on.



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