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Don’t Get Fooled By Airline Miles For Electricity!

We’re reposting this in light of recent marketing campaigns that are circulating in the Chicago area. Again, we can’t emphasize this enough: READ THE FINE PRINT!

PLEASE, we implore you — read your entire contract. Know what your “offer” is truly offering. It might not look so amazing in the fine print.


Your “preferred” airline emails you with a promise of 5000 miles and you’re ecstatic. All you have to do is to switch your electricity supply to some company you’ve never heard of and you get your miles! An advisor sent Power2Switch one of these emails when he received it a few days ago. Right after his email we got the same email from about 7 friends who know Power2Switch provides transparency in retail electricity.

And the questions they all had was: “Is this is a good deal? Why would people use Power2Switch if you don’t offer miles?” Power2Switch is not an electricity supplier so the questions were really about clearing up confusion.  I picked up the phone and called the first friend and screamed “READ THE FINE PRINT!!!!!” And yes I did scream.

So what did the fine print say? Beneath all the 45pt font size text blaring “miles” and “buy green” there was this, in 6pt font size:

?The Energy Plus rate for new customers as of September 2011 is approximately 10% below the Electricity Supply Charge plus the Transmission Services Charge rates posted by ComEd. The Energy Plus rate is variable and therefore subject to change each billing cycle. Current and historical rates should not be taken as a guarantee of future rates and Energy Plus makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding future savings“(emphasis on bold text is mine)

How about that for an offer that does not exist?! You might not save… but here’s a savings percentage? We cannot make any promises about what the rate will be. Just sign here…

We’ve seen these before at Power2Switch will continue to provide information, educational materials, and advocate for consumers as “choice” in the electricity markets grows and matures. We are here for you if you have these questions (and we know you do). Remember, with electricity rates and terms, the devil is in the details and we’ll help you navigate through all that.

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