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Digging Into Earth Week..

Between Alternating Current and Direct Current, most of us currently have no clue what keeps our lights on. For Earth Week, we wanted to share how much power we unknowingly use and where that power comes from.

To start there are 2 categories: Renewable energy, and Nonrenewable energy.

Nonrenewable is the majority of energy used in the world today (over 90%). Nuclear, natural gas, petroleum, and coal are the main sources of nonrenewable energy.  They are called fossil fuels and ultimately, are limited in nature.

Renewable energy is environmentally sustainable. The energy comes from plentiful resources, such as sun and wind. Biomass (from plants, algae, etc), geothermal (from Earth’s core), Hydropower (dams), solar, and wind are all examples of renewable energy. They produce fewer emissions and quickly turn abounding resources into energy.

Of all energy sources, coal is far and away the most used. The US consumed 932,484,000 tons of coal in 2011. The residential sector (you and I) uses roughly 22% of all the energy consumed in the US.  It sounds small, but that’s still over 200 million pounds of coal a year. Coal is responsible for a large portion of the CO2 emitted into the Ozone each year (40% of global emissions).

It sounds big, scary and out of our control. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.  The longest journeys still start with small first steps. Power2Switch offers plans that use 100% renewable energy. By switching energy providers, you can take the first step to making the world a greener place.

Post by Kevin Lillie Business Analyst Intern at Power2Switch

Power2Switch Earth Week Infographic

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