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ComEd Rate Hike 2012: How to Pay MORE for Electricity!

ComEd Rate Hike 2012
Oh, look at that. The ComEd Rate Hike 2012 emblem is again rearing its unsightly head. (The horror, the horror.) This time it’s not speculation. This time it’s been filed. On the books. Out of your pocket. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s ComEd’s 97 cents… read the article about the impending ComEd electric rate hike.

Ow, That Smarts!

Surprised?? Hardly. Well, you shouldn’t be, at least. Because that’s just what they do. You must pay now for this great thing that’s on the horizon! SMART METERS. They promise to save you bundles of money… in say, oh, about ten years? Mmm hmm. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say smart meters will save YOU money? I clearly misspoke. The meters will save ComEd money. And when ten years have passed, and all the smart meters have theoretically been installed, promises of savings will be conveniently forgotten as you are petitioned yet again to ante up for some other non-negotiable “cost-savings measure.” To top it off, the utility will then have direct access to personal data about your electricity consumption. ComEd will no longer be restricted to your meter outside; they will effectively be in your house. Hey, where are the republicans when you need them? Mitt? Newt? (Oh, I forgot — he has no game.) Anyone? Along with government, could you please remove the utility from our daily lives? Thanks much.

Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit alarmist here. Smart meters do have some use. For one, they will *ideally* improve ComEd’s ability to bill you for what you are actually using, instead of estimating. (Revolutionary, right?) Oh, and imagine this: ComEd may actually be able to tell if you have a power outage, without you having to call them up and wait on hold for 30 minutes. Are you even aware that ComEd has no idea if you have a power outage in your neighborhood? To quote a ComEd employee heard speaking at an event recently, “ComEd’s meters are DUMB.” Well, we certainly can’t argue with that, now can we?

Smart Money

One of our customers recently said that it is “financially irresponsible to not switch” from ComEd for your electricity supply. We couldn’t agree more. Despite what you may think, the quality of electricity does not decline if you switch. It’s a commodity. There’s no “Grade A” or “Grade B” wattage. It’s just wattage, no matter where it originates.

That fact is… you really don’t have a choice on whether ComEd delivers electricity to your home. They are the default utility. The own all the goods — you know, the poles and wires. But you do have a choice in how much of your hard-earned money you will sacrifice to them. Do you want to know what the worst part worst part is?? ComEd does not even make a profit on the supply of electricity. The extra money you’re paying just represents a few extra bucks in the power plants’ pocket – you know, the same place that alternative electric suppliers are buying their electricity, but for about 26% less. So why have only 411,000 people (not including municipal aggregations currently in progress) in Illinois been clever enough to switch to an alternative electricity supplier? I guess everyone else is just content to pay more for electricity. #tryingtofindthelogicinthat.


If you, dear reader, have not yet switched, we would LOVE to know why. Please help us understand via a comment below. Are you just plain stubborn? Enjoy being a very late adopter? Are you independently wealthy with money to burn? A ComEd-patronizing philanthropist? Do tell!



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