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ComEd Rate Hike 2011: Switching Electricity Suppliers A Growing Trend Among ComEd Customers

As we reported last week, ComEd was recently given the green light to increase rates to fund smart meter installations and grid improvements, and (as an afterthought via a trailer bill introduced by Illinois Senator Don Harmon) ideally respond better to storm outages. While the rate increases will no doubt occur, the latter improvement remains to be seen…  though shouldn’t this always be their goal, bill or no bill?

Whatever the case, prior to this rate hike, ComEd customers had already been making the switch in droves, catapulting themselves from the ComEd ship in favor of the lower rates being offered by alternative electricity suppliers. According to Plug In Illinois, over 104,000 of ComEd’s residential customers have switched to new electricity suppliers — a whopping 9392% (yes, you read that correctly) increase in defectors from January through September of ‘11. Apparently, the news is officially out about the opportunities to realize significant savings each month by switching energy suppliers. Based on the many less-than-favorable (euphemistically speaking, of course) comments we’ve observed in response to the rate hikes, we can only expect that number to grow exponentially over the coming months as word of the rate hike spreads and again when the increases finally take effect. We’ll be the first to let you know when they do, and will keep you posted on all things ComEd-y as new developments occur (for better or worse), so refer back here to Power2Switch for the latest updates…


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