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ComEd no longer the only game in town – The SouthtownStar

ComEd no longer the only game in town – The SouthtownStar.


Are you ready to buy electricity the way you buy toilet paper or breakfast cereal?

You’ve probably heard radio commercials or received something in the mail from a company other than ComEd, urging you to switch power suppliers.

Currently, five companies are actively marketing in the Chicago market, with the most recent being Constellation NewEnergy, whose direct-mail onslaught began hitting mailboxes last week. Other companies that have come courting are BlueStar Energy Solutions, Champion Energy, Direct Energy Services and Spark Energy. And more could be on the way.

It’s the second wave of energy deregulation that began a few years ago, when companies selling natural gas began knocking on homeowners’ doors, promising savings by locking in long-term rates.


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