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Chicago Municipal Aggregation Update

It’s Wednesday December 6, 2012 and the City of Chicago is waiting patiently to find out which suppliers made the shortlist of electricity suppliers for Chicago Municipal Aggregation. Or maybe it is just the team at Power2Switch waiting anxiously so we can share the details with you!

Either way, nothing has been announced yet… although the shortlist is supposed to be released “shortly”. The most recent news was from an article on the City of Chicago website, from December 1, 2012, announced the Committee members to “Ensure Open, Credible Process Leads to Best Savings Outcome for Chicago Taxpayers”. While we wait, here are the electricity suppliers that submitted bids so you can learn more about them in case they make the cute:

We will share information once we know more about the shortlist. On the Power2Switch site we have started a Chicago Municipal Aggregation resource page with a timeline for your reference as the City of Chicago works through this decision. Stay in the conversation by following us on twitter @Power2Switch and use the hashtag #ChicagoMuniAgg

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