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Electricity Rates To Be as Big as Texas This Summer! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Electricity Rates To Be as Big as Texas This Summer! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly                   If you live in Texas and you use electricity, this is going to be an interesting summer!  Texas is facing nearly a perfect storm that could create some record-breaking electricity prices throughout the summer.  And, the impact […]

5 of the wackiest electrical appliances for your small but awesome New York apartment!

Dyson Fans

You work all the time, your apartment is small, you pay a bucket load of money in rent and you cannot afford to buy your own place. But it’s OK. It’s in the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn heights or Harlem. You live in New York for heaven’s sake. Why don’t you stock up […]

A Word Of Caution for Chicago’s Tech Community…

It’s still a great time to be working on a startup in Chicago.  Companies are getting funded and new ideas are being presented at events like BIC Launch and Technori pitch. But for how long? Thoughts on the ‘future’ of the Chicago startup community came from having a conversation with a friend working on his […]

The Three Main Drivers In The Energy Industry (according to Power2Switch)

Power2 switch view on energy booth talk from Seyi Fabode Energy is the buzz word du jour. Talking about energy is not a new concept. Certainly, ‘energy independence’ has been a buzz phrase for decades. And yet now, energy is always accompanied by other modifying word accoutrements: solar energy, bioenergy, hydroelectric energy, clean energy and […]

Imagine Solar Roadways..

..,solar roadways that harness the power of the sun while you drive over them, transfer that energy to the grid to generate electricity for homes/businesses, warm your sidewalks to melt the frozen snow and enable you to charge your electric vehicle almost anywhere? Just imagine…Pretty intersting idea by this engineer and counsellor couple who might […]

What To Do If You’re In Tech/Startupland And Not Going To SXSW

Everyday Im Hustling

It’s the annual pilgrimage to Austin’s SXSWi (South By Southwest Interactive) for what is fast becoming a bloated expression of all that the people who are not in technology detest about the industry: postulation (in the form of panels) and self-promotion (in the form of product launches). And I say this as someone who went […]

Rent Green: Will Electric and Hybrid Car Rentals Take Off?

F-154844-A-13970-green car-1

While most of the country is mired in snow and sleet, our minds can’t help but jump ahead to spring and summer, when Americans will hit the road to do some family travel. It can cost a family a small fortune to drive, however, especially as gas prices climb the closer we get to Memorial […]

Status Check: Does the U.S. Measure Up in Renewable Efforts?

Windmill and cloudy blue sky

While the United States comes under fire for lagging behind European countries for recycling and other sustainability efforts, it is second only to China in renewable energy sources, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Since 1990, the U.S. has steadily increased its reliance on non-hydropower (wind, solar, biomass wood and waste and geothermal) […]

Big Bowl Blackout: The Technical Explanation Of What Actually Happened

Electric Circuit

Like most Americans, I watched the Big Bowl Game from New Orleans last Sunday night.  And, light most, I witnessed the black-out that caused a fairly significant delay in the game.  But, unlike most, I’m familiar with the operation of large electrical systems, and thus began fielding questions about the electrical outage from my fellow […]

5 Smart Phone Apps to Help You Live Greener this Year

5 Apps to Help You Live Greener this Year

Did you make any resolutions this year to be more environmentally conscious? It’s easier than you think. Whether you are looking to eat organically, reduce your carbon footprint or educate yourself to make smarter life choices, the answers can be found on your smart phone. That’s right- here are 5 apps to help you live […]