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Status Check: Does the U.S. Measure Up in Renewable Efforts?

Windmill and cloudy blue sky

While the United States comes under fire for lagging behind European countries for recycling and other sustainability efforts, it is second only to China in renewable energy sources, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Since 1990, the U.S. has steadily increased its reliance on non-hydropower (wind, solar, biomass wood and waste and geothermal) […]

Winter Heat Wave, Sponsored by Global Warming?

Take a Second to Reflect on Global Warming During this Winter Heat Wave

It’s difficult for many of us to wrap our heads around, but it is 60 degrees in Chicago today. That’s right, 60 degrees in Chicago, in January. While it’s very hard to complain over this heat wave, let’s not forget that this is what global warming looks like. Recent studies have shown that the extreme […]

Electricity News: Biweekly Roundup 1/18/2013

Generation capacity Mergers and Acquisitions byyear

With an eye to providing you easy to understand information on the electricity industry (prices, market changes etc) we’ll be doing a biweekly roundup of news from around the web. We will gather information from EIA (Electricity Information Administration) and other news sources across the web and give you our objective assessment of the information. Wind […]

Chicago Municipal Aggregation Update

chicago flag

It’s Wednesday December 6, 2012 and the City of Chicago is waiting patiently to find out which suppliers made the shortlist of electricity suppliers for Chicago Municipal Aggregation. Or maybe it is just the team at Power2Switch waiting anxiously so we can share the details with you! Either way, nothing has been announced yet… although […]

Why is my Environmental Cost Recovery Charge negative?!?! Your November & December ComEd Bills

taxes chart

Like most people, I normally don’t pay much attention to my electrical bill. I check that my usage (kWh) is about where it should be, and that my total cost is about where I expect it to be. On average, we Americans spend 6 minutes per year thinking about our electrical bills. I’m in the […]

Carbon Taxes or Cap and Trade?


The state of California launched it’s carbon trading platform last week and, based on the early reviews, the launch went well. Greenhouse gas emission permits were sold to willing buyers with the final price settling in at $10.99/ton of emissions. This price was less than what analysts expected but, as is the case with most […]

Rethinking Our Thinking About Veterans and Jobs


It is pretty simple: people who are fulfilling their purpose in life tend to feel better about their lives. We believe jobs provide us that empowerment. This is true sometimes. But the world is moving away from the types of jobs that are being touted as what will save the American economy. What the US […]

Survey: Small Businesses Support Energy Technologies and Initiatives


Despite recent political attacks aimed at the White House over Solyndra — a solar cell manufacturer that went bankrupt after receiving a $535 million federal loan guarantee — recently-surveyed small business owners overwhelmingly support government investments in clean energy because they believe the loans play an important part in boosting the economy and creating jobs.The […]

Thoughts from the voting line…

voting lines

I performed my civic duty this morning, and went to vote. And, as I was waiting in line to be checked in, processed, and handed my ballot, I had a few minutes to think. One question popped in my head – how much is voting costing the American public, you and I? I don’t want […]

Five things to know about Chicago Municipal Aggregation

City of Chicago notice

You may have heard a lot of conversation and maybe even confusion about the Electricity Aggregation Referendum and the choice to vote to opt- out of electricity aggregation on November 6, 2012. There is a good chance that you received a notice from the City of Chicago as well.   We are here to provide […]