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The Pivot = Overhyped + Dangerous

Rock climber clinging to a cliff.

You’ve probably heard the joke: What happens when you keep pivoting? You end up at the same place you started. OK, maybe it’s not that funny but it’s definitely very true. It applies as much to basketball players as it does to technology companies that follow the latest fad. I reference the ‘tending-toward-biblical’ instructions that […]

Are you still a startup or are you running a business?

startup business diagram

It is now pretty easy to start a business; all you need is an idea, a laptop and an Internet connection. But it is still very tough to run a business. Early this year we wrote a blog post entitled ‘The Big Things A Little Startup Learned in 2011’, we were one of the most […]

Survey: Small Businesses Support Energy Technologies and Initiatives


Despite recent political attacks aimed at the White House over Solyndra — a solar cell manufacturer that went bankrupt after receiving a $535 million federal loan guarantee — recently-surveyed small business owners overwhelmingly support government investments in clean energy because they believe the loans play an important part in boosting the economy and creating jobs.The […]

Phil Nevels on the Startup America Partnership Webcast with Dell And TrendMicro

Phil Nevels of Power2Switch on Startup America Webcast with Dell and TrendMicro

To Startups From A Startup: Why Learning to Code is Overrated

Coding for a Startup, Power2Switch

It’s feeling really good to be involved in the tech scene right now. Or so folks on the outside think. Not since the heydays of Goldman Sachs’ $100M has any sector been looked upon with such envy.

ComEd Rate Hike Ahead – Herald News

ComEd rate hike ahead – Herald News. The Illinois Commerce Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved a $155.6 million rate hike for ComEd, or about half of the utility’s revised request. The increase is estimated to cost single-family households an extra $3.15 a month, or $37.80 a year. ComEd’s revised request was for an additional $326.3 […]

Power2Switch featured in Illinois Innovation Network/Startup America Partnership announcement video

We were thrilled to join Gov. Quinn and fellow Chicago entrepreneurs for today’s announcement of the formation of the Illinois Innovation Network and @StartupIllinois! Even greater things are in store for the Illinois Entrepreneurship Community. [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/23989655 w=400&h=225] Illinois Innovation Network & Startup America Partnership from Orlando Saez on Vimeo. Related articles TechAmerica Commends Governor […]

Let the Coupon/Groupon Wars Begin. Again.

Google launched it’s ‘Offers’ deal a day service in a few cities on Thursday. It’s basically another daily coupon service. Google is better funded than the 200 odd deal a day platforms out there so money won’t be a problem. But how will Google Offers compete in this crowded market? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQlq6B0ZFHY&feature=player_embedded] 1. Adwords powers deal-a-day ads […]

Why Are Gas Prices So High? And Four Simple Ways to Lessen the Impact

US liquid_imports by location 2010

This is a repost from last year, but sadly, it’s still all too relevant — if not more so! If you’ve bought gasoline in the last few days (anywhere in the USA) then you’ve paid close to or over $4/gallon. In some areas this is over 10 cents more per gallon than just over 2 […]

5 trendsetting companies/institutions in Illinois. One is working on toilet tissue…

Potholes ahead

Spring (ish). Time to look at things with a brighter perspective. Time to look at 5 fresh institutions/companies to watch in Illinois over the next 9 months. It’s a diverse group with interests in 3-D printing, tubeless toilet paper, Kids tablets and crowdsourced fundraising for medical expenses. Enjoy the awesomeness: 1.Kimberly-Clark and it’s tube free […]