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EduVideo 2: Cash and Sustainability benefits of Energy Saving light bulbs


Energy saving light bulbs cost a fair bit more than regular light bulbs, about $8 for an energy saving bulb against $4 for a regular bulb. The research says the energy saving light bulbs last longer (almost 10 times longer), produce more light (if that is what you want) and use less electricity. The incandescent bulbs do generate more heat (which isn’t really a bad thing during the winter here in Illinois).

But business owners like numbers and how it affects the bottom line: So, about 15% of your monthly electricity bill is lighting. So if you pay $1000/month you pay about $150 for lighting. Energy saving light bulbs use about 75% less energy. So the savings would be $112/month and $1350/year. Multiply that by 10 for some of our clients…Much more than you thought right?

So it makes sense, cashwise and for sustainability to switch to Energy Saving light bulbs.

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