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Blog Series/KIVA for Small Businesses in the US

To state that the ‘experts’ make it hard for us to understand this whole ‘smart grid’ business would be like saying the Chicago Bears have stopped surprising us and are starting to lose i.e. they are just doing as they know how.

To rectify this issue, with the experts not the Bears, we’ll be running a series to simplify the whole electricity deregulation, smart grid and consumer rights discussion. In terms that will make it easier for us to all start to see through the complications and become ‘experts’ in our own right. I’ll take terms, define them and relate them to more common analogs to aid understanding. I’ll be starting off in a few days with deregulation (the only reason why Power2Switch even exists), demand response, meter data management and the ‘smart grid’.

For today I’ll be referencing a post from the WSJ which talks about microlending (which means exactly what it’s called) and how Kiva, a company known for helping entrepreneurs in emerging market countries receive microloans, is bringing its operations to assist US small businesses in the Gulf coast. Kiva is partnering with Accion Texas Louisiana, the third of such partnerships, in an attempt to increase the draw of their service for small businesses in the US (US businesses make up just 1% of the over 400,000 small business listed in the Kiva directory).

The article can be found here http://bit.ly/b0BLF5

The  partnership is a welcome initiative and a much needed alternative funding mechanism for the thousands of small businesses that are struggling to get money from traditional bank loans and credit extensions.


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