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Best Customer Feedback Message Ever!

Until someone sends us a customer feedback message that better articulates the user experience and provides insight on how to improve that experience then we will own the Best Customer Feedback Message Ever!! Ever!!

Read the customer feedback email below (with our comments in italics) and let us know what you think…

Raise a Ruckus

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The ability to sign up right from the site was great and convenient. (The customer could have stopped here and made our day!)

However, at the end (when entering initials) things started to feel scary (hmm, not the emotion we hoped to elicit) - is there more to this than just switching – wait what’s the line about a credit check and a possible switching fee (we thought we made it clear that the credit check is standard procedure and there is no switching fee. Why does the customer still think these things. Or maybe it’s not the customer. Maybe it’s us?).

As such I became much more concerned that I was signing up for something that I don’t understand (we thought we made it clear? Why don’t customers understand..What are we not doing?).

If you could bold or find a way to highlight ‘What Changes’ that would be great (Didn’t we include that in the FAQ? Are you saying customers don’t read the FAQ? I really don’t know what more we can do…).

Example (wait. She’s about to provide us a way to solve our user problem?) - show any fees that may be applied for this switch, if the term of the contract is lock-in for a period of time or if I can switch again at anytime (we thought we were answering these questions).

Also, tell me if and when I have the right to change my mind…let’s say I do have a $50 switching fee & they want a deposit (although I don’t have one now) and I want to just back-out to keep ComED, when can I change my mind? (Hmm. Has the customer just told us we’re not delivering on our promise, not being as transparent about the risks and the price as we thought we were, and not making the process as easy as we claimed? Not really. She’s just saying our process could be better).

What about all the great feedback we’ve received so far? This message doesn’t change that. It’s all well deserved. But there’s still more work to do. And that’s all the customer is saying.

So on to doing that work.

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