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Be Progressive, Be Be Progressive! P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E…

P2S (that’s Power2Switch, for you newbies) had quite an exciting past few days — and Friday hasn’t even arrived yet! So, on Tuesday, we were the proud guests of the nationally syndicated Norman Goldman Show here on WCPT 820am, Chicago’s Progressive Talk. Norm usually broadcasts out of Los Angeles, but was kind enough to stop by our fine city and have a chat with us about nothing other than… electricity. Our fav topic! Norman is quite the character, I must say. He’s a very friendly chap, actually, and yet he still managed in his lawyerly way to pummel us with questions on deregulation in Illinois and Texas (we won’t talk about California, eek), electricity supply rates, how to switch from ComEd and Ameren, and simply

how we came to be our happy little power switching selves. The thing we particularly liked about Norman is that you never have to question where he stands on an issue. He just kind of lays it all out there and tells it like it is. Ah, now that’s so refreshing in this world of political correctness (which I clearly don’t subscribe to), and particularly in the midst of all of this presidential election tussling, where people are talking out of both sides — and the top and the bottom — of their mouths. He has some interesting things to say, so we think you should give him a little listen… and you might even hear a P2S commercial in the next week or two!

Thanks again Norm! And a special thanks to Melissa Ryzy, the digital queen and marketing maven of WCPT, for setting this up for us!


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