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New Yorker – This is what you pay for Electricity!

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So, you live in New York and want to know what you’re paying for electricity?  Good luck! Power2Switch recently launched our services in New York.  And, as part of the service we provide for our customers, we display your utility’s Price-To-Compare so that you can compare the rates on our site against the rate for […]

Rangers and Bruins and Capitals – Oh My!

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Congratulations to the New York Rangers for dispatching the Washington Capitals in decisive fashion in game 7.  It was a team effort from the get-go, and the Rangers really deserved to win big with their play all night.  (And, it bugged me to no end that Ovi complained about the officiating the way he did […]

Kudos to Hudson, New York!

More Proof that it is possible to Save Money and Go Green at the same time! WAMC Northeast Public Radio reported that the city of Hudson, New York has chosen a new electric supplier.  Feel free to follow this link to read more of the details about this story – http://www.wamc.org/post/city-electricity-goes-green-june.  My intent is not […]

New York Electricity News: Hydro-Quebec to provide Electricity to New York City

The Public Service Commission of New York has approved a plan to build a 330-mile high-voltage transmission line from the province of Quebec to New York City.  The project will cost $2.2 billion and take 3 years to complete.  The majority of the transmission line will run under the Hudson River and under Lake Champlain.  […]

The Emperor’s (ComEd’s) New Rates

Our friendly neighborhood electric utility, Commonwealth Edison – affectionately known to many of us as ComEd, or by more derogatory terms – filed their latest electricity rates with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) earlier this week.  And, oh my goodness, it’s a significant decrease in what ComEd will be charging the residents and businesses of […]

UPS gets turned on! By Solar Power In New Jersey.

UPS just announced on February 19th that it is “building on its commitment to increase the use of renewable energy resources” by investing in “two solar power projects at its distribution facilities in Parsippany and Secaucus, New Jersey”.  (I’m not making this up folks!  Here’s the link to the article – http://www.csrwire.com/press_releases/35224-UPS-Expands-Renewable-Energy-Output-at-New-Jersey-Facilities)  This is good […]

Big Bowl Blackout: The Technical Explanation Of What Actually Happened

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Like most Americans, I watched the Big Bowl Game from New Orleans last Sunday night.  And, light most, I witnessed the black-out that caused a fairly significant delay in the game.  But, unlike most, I’m familiar with the operation of large electrical systems, and thus began fielding questions about the electrical outage from my fellow […]

How Electricity Grew Up, Part 6: And the Grid of Tomorrow

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After a week’s hiatus, I’m back with what I promise to be the final installment in the series.  I know I’ve promised this in the past, but this will be the last one.  (Don’t cry for me, Argentina) There are plenty of other stories about electricity to tell.  So, this week we’re taking the installation […]

The Rational Economic Man’s take on Chicago Municipal Aggregation #Chicagomuniagg


With all this talk of Chicago Municipal Aggregation lately, I’ve been thinking about what would be the best way to tackle this decision. On one side you have the tried and true ComEd, on the other side you have the new Integrys Energy providing a new supply rate of 5.42 c/kWh, and as a third […]

Inside the P2S Skunk Works: Project Pinky

Pinky and the Brain

From Wikipedia: “the designation ‘skunk works’, or ‘skunkworks’, is widely used in business, engineering, and technical fields to describe a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, tasked with working on advanced or secret projects.” The Power2Switch skunk works lives up to this name and its ideals. The […]