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Digging Into Earth Week..

Power2Switch Earth Week Infographic

Between Alternating Current and Direct Current, most of us currently have no clue what keeps our lights on. For Earth Week, we wanted to share how much power we unknowingly use and where that power comes from. To start there are 2 categories: Renewable energy, and Nonrenewable energy. Nonrenewable is the majority of energy used […]

The Three Main Drivers In The Energy Industry (according to Power2Switch)

Power2 switch view on energy booth talk from Seyi Fabode Energy is the buzz word du jour. Talking about energy is not a new concept. Certainly, ‘energy independence’ has been a buzz phrase for decades. And yet now, energy is always accompanied by other modifying word accoutrements: solar energy, bioenergy, hydroelectric energy, clean energy and […]

Status Check: Does the U.S. Measure Up in Renewable Efforts?

Windmill and cloudy blue sky

While the United States comes under fire for lagging behind European countries for recycling and other sustainability efforts, it is second only to China in renewable energy sources, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Since 1990, the U.S. has steadily increased its reliance on non-hydropower (wind, solar, biomass wood and waste and geothermal) […]

What does being ‘green/sustainable’ mean to you?

With all this talk of “going green” it has me thinking; why exactly hasn’t it been more successful?  With the evidence pertaining to the positive benefits of green energy and sustainability as well as the negative repercussions of not doing so, how could it be bad?  Perhaps, it could be lack of knowledge and true […]

5 Tips for Stress-Free Moving

Moving a household can be stressful, disruptive, expensive and exhausting. Even though the end result—settling into your beautiful new home—is worth it, a move takes a toll. But your attitude, thorough preparation, pacing yourself, sticking to a budget and being realistic will go far to get you through it. One of the primary stress factors […]

Erin Brockovich: The Real Toxic Avenger


Take Pretty Woman, stick her in Pursuit of Happyness then set the scene to Hinkley, California. We have a sexy, sharp tongued, sharp-witted woman with an iron sense of conviction and a mission. She’s a single mother of three and God help the sad soul who gets in her way. This is an example where […]

Toxic Love and Bats for Brains


“I been brain-fried, electrified, infected and injectified, Vivosectified and fed pesticides, My radar’s all shut up Nurse I need a check-up from the neck up, I’m Batty” – The Batty Rap, Fern Gully Welcome to a very different corner of Australia: FernGully, a magical, mystical, magnificent forest protected by tiny fairies. Here the wilderness is […]

In a World With No More Vegemite… Arise, Road Warrior


I’ve never been to Burning Man, but in my imagination I see it looking a lot like Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.  Mel Gibson is an ex-cop in an era where gasoline and oil have been totally depleted by war and over consumption. The only way to survive is to keep moving, and to […]

15 go green this holiday season simple eco-friendly holiday tips


There's more green that occurs naturally in the earth than other colors. Green is a color anyone can experience just by looking outside. And green is a color of the holiday season. And money. These are all good things. Environmental responsibilities seem to get lost in the chaos of holidays. As a matter of fact, […]

Sunny Days, Space Ships and a Robosphere Parade


The idea of throwing a Manhattan-sized nuclear bomb into the sun in order to save the world is probably the last thing I would have thought of… safely blowing up a dying star in order to create a new one to take its place seems about as effective as putting batteries inside a pop-tart to […]