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Renewable Electricity Standards…what is it?

What if everyone had fifty dollars in their pocket and instead of having to make more money, they could just reuse the fifty dollars over and over again: Wouldn’t that be perfect?  Now that money is involved, it just became a little more interesting, yes? What if I told you that there are policies similar […]

Renewable Energy Around the world

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released the numbers as of January 16th, 2013 with breaking news; 100 percent of the energy being used as of January in the United States was renewable. Predominantly used is wind energy with solar energy coming in second and a small percentage used was biomass. Now yes, these numbers are […]

Technology Takeover

As I was reading Ray Bradbury’s short story “There Will Come soft Rains” I had a thought: maybe Bradbury wasn’t so far off after all. According to an article by Keith Pandolfi from This Old House, “home electrocutions account for around 1,000 deaths each year in the U.S alone.” This statistic can be seen as […]