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Let’s face it: we don’t know what the frack is going on

The topic of fracking, or horizontal hydraulic fracturing, is certainly a high-pressure topic. The Illinois House recently approved a vote, 108-9, to allow fracking in Illinois. The proposed law will affect two main shales, Southern Illinois and New Albany, both of which are located in Southern Illinois. This legislation touts job creation, economic development and increased […]

Getting to Know Integrys PT. 2

Holding our breath

On January 9th 2013, the city of Chicago switched providers from Commonwealth Edison to Integrys Energy. The deal touted savings of over 20% and the included the well publicized addition of the “No Coal Provision”. Back then, looking closely at the provisions of deal, we thought this deal might be blowing some artificial steam. As the Chicago Tribune mentioned, there’s no […]

Fiscal Fridays: The practical guide to saving cash this holiday weekend

Bartab Alarm

Everyone in NY knows just how expensive life can be. From rent, food, travel and tax, little expenses add up quickly. Well, we wanted to share a few in-house tips to help save a little cash to spend on better opportunities. 1. Cancel those trial subscriptions you sign up for: If you’re like me and you […]

Electric New York Cabs


From it’s birthplace at the Pearle Street Station, electricity options seem to be flowing back to New York City. This past April, NYC introduced 6 new electric taxis to their fleet. The city of New York chose the Nissan Leaf as the pilot vehicle. In addition, Mayor Bloomberg mentioned the goal of 13,000 electric taxis […]

The $100 Billion Market You Didn’t Know Exists

Electricity Deregulated States

Originally posted on the Huffington Post Blog Energy gets a lot of mention but only as it relates to fuel to power our cars and how the price always seems to be going up. Electricity and gas for our homes also get some mention but only when the lights go out. What is not shared, […]

Imagine Solar Roadways..

..,solar roadways that harness the power of the sun while you drive over them, transfer that energy to the grid to generate electricity for homes/businesses, warm your sidewalks to melt the frozen snow and enable you to charge your electric vehicle almost anywhere? Just imagine…Pretty intersting idea by this engineer and counsellor couple who might […]

Chicago: So Easy To Love (Time lapse video)

We’re so happy to call Chicago home (and Power2Switch HQ) and it’s so easy to see why in this short visually stunning time lapse video of the city. You wonder where Chris P Zero had to be standing or what he was flying in to get the amazing shots in his Places in Time video. […]

GravityLight: A New Form of Lighting

Uses no batteries, is powered by gravity and even the bag it comes in is part of the sustainability focused design of the GravityLight. So happy to see that this project passed it’s indiegogo funding goal http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gravitylight-lighting-for-developing-countries

How Green Is Your Internet (Infographic Video)

Really, how green is your internet?  

The Windmill Farmer by Joaquin Baldwin (Animated Short)

We absolutely love the hope and beauty of this animated video …