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Appliance Euthanasia: Recycle, Reuse, or Revive?

Here at Power2Switch, we’re always a little torn between promoting energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices. — which may sound like one and the same, but really aren’t. Do we buy a new appliance that uses less energy by design, or do we use the one we have until it dies, so we’re not contributing to the energy usage required to manufacture a new one?

Take our Power2Switch toaster oven, for example, which Phil was so kind to bring in from home. Note the missing dial on the bottom, and the trusty screwdriver that is now serving as a replacement “dial,” a` la MacGyver. The screw driver is actually an upgrade, since we used to just plug the toaster in to turn it on and then unplug it once the toast was done. That is, until someone enthusiastically got caught up in helping people switch to lower-cost electricity suppliers and forgot all about his poor little English muffin. Fortunately, Phil has a bear-like sense of smell (which is better than a dog’s even, and best among land animals) and detected the smell of FIRE in the kitchen. He was able to douse the flames and he and the office are thankfully both still intact. (Though he did go hungry that morning.)

This photo was taken after the English muffin incident (observe the burn marks around the handle, which now also conveniently detaches at inopportune bagel-removing moments), and the toaster is still kicking, alive and well! It just doesn’t seem to want to die. (Unfortunately, my furnace didn’t seem to have the same will to live.)

So, the question remains… do we scrap this little fella that refuses to retire to toaster heaven, or do we potentially risk life (and office supplies) to conserve energy on the manufacturing side?

And, in case you’re wondering…  no, there’s no product placement fee being paid to me by Skippy. I aspire to as much. And I prefer crunchy, anyway.



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