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And the Gold Medal Goes to… France?

    French flag for the Olympic medalIf you’ve been glued to your TV watching the London Olympics the past few weeks, then you should offer a big “Merci!” to our friends across the pond in France. (That’s “thank you,” for you monolinguals.) Without France, there wouldn’t be an Olympics this year, since London is deriving a large portion of its electricity from power plants generating electricity over in France.

    It all started back in the ‘80s, when France was producing too much electricity and England was in need. So, cables were laid under the sea and an electrical courtship ensued between the French and the English that’s continued ever since.

    Just in time for the Olympics (and not coincidentally), major upgrades – to the tune of 90 million Euros – were performed to allow for the 800MW increase in electricity required to kick off and host the Olympic games. The upgrade was also pretty timely, as outages on the lines were becoming commonplace after several decades of use.

    So it appears that the Brits will not only be able to watch the Olympics on their “tellys” en masse, but they’ll hopefully benefit from a continuous flow of electricity from this point forward. And medal or not, that sounds like a win-win for all. Viva la France!

    Read more about it here.

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