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America’s Dairyland

Wisconsin is most commonly known as America’s Dairyland because the state produces more milk than any other state in the United States. The state has more dairy cows than any other state at 1,500,000 and produces 15% of the entire country’s milk. Since Wisconsin is known for dairy and cheese, residents are often referred to as cheeseheads, which is commonly represented by a hat in the shape of cheese.

Wisconsin is next in our United States of Energy data series ranking number 35 in residential electricity prices averaging $12.65 Megawatts per hour. Major electric power plants in the state include coal, hydroelectric and natural gas. In 1882 the first hydroelectric plant in the United States was built at Fox River. Energy-intensive industries in Wisconsin include forest products and metal casting, and Wisconsin’s industrial sector is the largest energy-consuming sector in the State.

Did you know? Milwaukee is home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Harley Davidson motorcycles aren’t the only prominent mode of transportation; snowmobiles are a popular choice as well. Wisconsin snowmobile trails total 15,210 miles of signed and groomed snow highways. In fact, Eagle River is known as the Snowmobile Capital of the World.

Have you ever gone motorcycle riding or snowmobiling in Wisconsin?

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