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American Heartland

Oops… looks like I skipped right over Iowa! Now, I don’t want you thinking that Iowa isn’t a memorable or significant state. Iowa is home of the only operating antique carousel which is located in Story City. Iowa also houses the world’s largest strawberry, in Strawberry Point. The state is actually the nation’s third most productive agricultural state, following only California and Texas in the value of it’s yearly farm output. Iowa produces 1/10 of our nation’s food supply and is the number one producer of corn and soybeans.

Iowa is ranked number 16, in our United States of Energy data series, in residential electricity prices compared to 52 other US states averaging $10.42 Megawatts per hour. The major electric power plants in the state included coal, hydroelectric and natural gas and emissions primarily come from coal and natural gas. However, Iowa is a leading state in electricity generation from wind turbines. Heavy use of liquefied petroleum gases for agriculture and residential heating contribute to Iowa’s disproportionately high consumption of LPG.

Did you know? The National Balloon Museum in Indianola shares more than 200 years of ballooning history with it’s visitors.

Do you know any great fun facts about Iowa?

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