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9 Tips to Make your Home Green

At Power2Switch, we believe that many people want to go green and that if people have the knowledge and resources to do good, then they will! We are sharing 9 steps to help you make your home green…


Step one: The first step towards greening your home is to select a ‘champion’ (Hint: This tends to be MUM’s role)

Step two: After appointing a ‘champion’, do an energy audit (www.energysavers.gov can help you)

Step three: Review your electricity rate plans for service charges and meter read mistakes (Check out www.Power2Switch.com and go green!)

Step four: Buy Energy Star rated appliances (Find equipment ratings before purchase on Energy Star or EPEAT)

Step five: Opt for green flooring and non-volatile organic paints (Hint: A Google search yields several options for eco-friendly carpets and floorboards)

Step six: Get solar panels or small scale wind turbines for your location (Buy at www.pvpower.com)

Step seven: Consider retrofits for bulbs and lighting… most utilities and electricity suppliers offer rebates.

Step eight: Reduce ‘vampire power’ by using smart plugs (Hint: Smart plugs reduce usage by 85% or turn equipment off after extended idleness. Buy here!)

Step nine: Going ‘green’ will save you green! (See what we did there)

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