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75% Savings on I-Go Cars courtesy of Power2Switch!

Power2Switch is partnering with I-GO Cars to give you 75% off the cost of signing up for Car Sharing!. It’s cost effective and is a surefire way to claim sustainability cred. Don’t say we don’t love you our friends and customers who read our blog/have taken up our service etc

It’s Simple: Go to www.igocars.org/join/ and enter P2SCHI to get your discount.

or you can read the message from our sponsors below and then go sign up for the service:

I-GO, Chicago’s local, non-profit car sharing company, is offering Power2Switch customers a special membership rate of only $25 for the first year with $25 in free driving (a total savings of $75!!!)

You can join online at www.igocars.org/join/.  Just enter P2SCHI in the promotion code field to get your discount (promo code expires 3/31/10; must use driving credit within 30 days of joining).

I-GO’s 14,000+ members have hourly access to a fleet of over 200 eco-friendly cars conveniently located in 35 Chicago neighborhoods and 4 suburbs. Rates start as low as $6.75 an hour and $70 a day (rates vary by driving plan, day of the week and car type; tax is extra).  All rates include:

  • gas
  • insurance
  • reserved parking spaces
  • vehicle maintenance

Reservations can be made minutes before you need a car or up to a year in advance from your computer, smart phone or by calling I-GO’s 24-hour reservation line.  I-GO cars can be picked up and returned any time of day or night and any day of the week (including sundays and holidays).


Businesses and organizations of any size can also save with I-GO.  What a great way to encourage your employees and staff to walk, bike or take public transportation to work and use a nearby I-GO car when they need to make a sales call or a last minute delivery. For more information on business memberships contact I-GO Corporate Relations Manager Richard Kosmacher at 773-269-4021 or Richard@igocars.org .


Members may choose either a standard I-GO smart card that accesses every car in I-GO’s fleet or the new Chicago Card Plus/I-GO Card, a joint initiative between I-GO and CTA that accesses I-GO cars, CTA trains and buses, and Pace buses—effectively expanding the range of public transit.  You can learn more at http://www.igocars.org/chicago_card_plus.

Car sharing helps individuals and families reduce their automotive costs (by up to $4,000 per year off typical transportation costs of $7,300) and reduces urban congestion and greenhouse gas emissions by lowering car ownership rates.

You can learn more at www.igocars.org or call 773-278-4446.  Happy Car Sharing!!!

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