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5 Smart Phone Apps to Help You Live Greener this Year

Did you make any resolutions this year to be more environmentally conscious? It’s easier than you think. Whether you are looking to eat organically, reduce your carbon footprint or educate yourself to make smarter life choices, the answers can be found on your smart phone. That’s right- here are 5 apps to help you live greener this year.

1. Fooducate

Consult with Fooducate on your next grocery trip. Fooducate makes it easy to make better food choices with an extensive database of food and brands. Use your app to scan a food or beverage and using an algorithm, Fooducate will grade that product on a scale from A to D based on nutrition facts. From now on, consider Fooducate your personal dietician.

2. Find Green5 Apps to  Help You Live Greener this Year

 If you’re looking to support local green businesses, check out Find Green. Locate businesses (of all types) around you from a directory of over 100,000 and growing. From recycling centers to farmer’s markets to Pilates studios, start your search with Find Green.

 3. iRecycle

Want to become a recycling expert? Learn environmentally friendly facts, news and tips from the Earth911 organization. Or, if you’re looking to recycle something, iRecycle locates the closest location where you can turn in the likes of plastic, glass, metal, electronics, automotive, construction and hazardous materials. It even takes care of your sorting and separating, so you’ll be a recycling pro!

4. TreeHugger

This media outlet app culminates the latest news on several green and sustainable categories from cars and transportation, culture and celebrity, business, science and tech and even beauty and fashion.

5. Control4

 Sync your utilities at home from wherever with your Control4 app. This app gives you feedback on your energy usage and allows you to adjust accordingly so you can lower your costs. Manage the temperature of your home, open and close drapes and even adjust the temperate from your smart phone.

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