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5 of the wackiest electrical appliances for your small but awesome New York apartment!

You work all the time, your apartment is small, you pay a bucket load of money in rent and you cannot afford to buy your own place. But it’s OK. It’s in the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn heights or Harlem. You live in New York for heaven’s sake. Why don’t you stock up on some weird and wacky home appliances that will make your home spunkier than your neighbors?


1. Alarm clock Tea maker: Imagine your alarm clock waking you up and also making your morning cup of tea. Or do you prefer coffee? You might have to make a request to get that manufactured by MakerBot or someone else who does 3D printing these days:


2.  The Bang Bang egg toaster: The name alone makes this an appliance you want o have in your home. Add on the form (well rounded curves and control knobs) and function (steam four eggs at once and you’re looking like a star) and you have a winner for wacky but functional electrical must have.

 bangbang egg steamer

3. Soleus Indoor Outdoor Fridge: Summer + Food + Drinks = parties. How about a fridge that allows you to take the party outside? What if the fridge has trays and caddies that ensure you don’t spill stuff? We say summer must have!

Soleus Fridge

4. Dyson Table Fan: You know those appliances you have in your home that make your friends/family think you’re cool and hip? Who uses the word hip anymore? I’m sure you have at least one in your home. If you don’t then you have to get the Dyson table fan. It’s energy conserving and quite good looking.

Dyson Fans

5. Corioliss Mini Vintage Hair Dryers: Hair dryers are boring but a firm decided to change all that in 2011 by going back to the past and released this vintage floral whimsical hair dryer. Add a bit of ‘Mad Men season 6′ fashion to your home in the form of an electrical appliance

Mini Vintage Floral_250

Any ideas for other fun appliances?

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