In January of 2002, the energy market in Texas was officially deregulated, allowing most consumers the power to choose their own provider of electricity. (Some consumers are excluded, however, such as those who are served by a utility cooperative or by a utility that is owned by a municipality.) Before deregulation, the utility company in your area was responsible for the transmission, distribution, and sales to businesses and residents. The purpose of deregulation was to introduce market competition to provide more options for consumers and subsequently drive electricity rates down. Now, the transmission and distribution is handled by the utility, while the retail electric providers manage the sale of electricity to you, including the billing for both utility and the provider.

Since deregulation has taken effect, there are now many Retail Electric Providers (REP) providing less expensive and greener electricity alternatives for residents and businesses in Texas, which represents the largest electricity market in the United States.

For Texas residents seeking electricity providers, when you "switch" your electricity through Power2Switch, you are simply replacing one electricity provider with another. And, distribution will always be handled by the utility company, so there is never an interruption in service when you switch providers. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming to sort through all of the electricity providers in Texas and their respective electric plan options, and that's where we can really help Texas residents and businesses. Power2Switch enables you to compare electricity providers, choose the best rate and electricity plan for your situation, and easily make the switch through our site - all at no cost to you.

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