New York Energy Generation Mix


The data below describes the amount of electricity produced by each fuel source within the state of New York during a single month and as a trend over time. For New York, in-state production of electricity is mostly comes from nuclear power plants and natural gas power plants.

New York typically imports around 60% of the electricity used in the state from neighboring states. As such, this data is only representative of the 40% of electricity that is produced in-state.

New York has one of the more aggressive renewable portfolio standards, or RPS, of any state. It requires that a certain percentage of electricity used by state of New York be produced by renewable energy sources. Here are the yearly targets for the RPS as defined by S.B. 1925:

Year Class I Class II
EY 2012 6.320% 2.5%
EY 2013 7.143% 2.5%
EY 2014 7.977% 2.5%

View more details about New York's renewable energy mix and New York's renewable portfolio standard, including the solar carve out.

Generation Mix for December 2012

Source MWh %
Petroleum Coke 784 0.26 %
Natural Gas - Fired 84,103 27.53 %
Coal - Fired 134,230 43.93 %
Nuclear 68,584 22.45 %
Hydroelectric 23,248 7.61 %
Other Renewables 21,004 6.87 %