New York Energy Master Plan


Full NY Energy Master Plan

Executive Summary

The 2009 New York State Energy Plan (Plan or Energy Plan) sets forth a vision for a robust and innovative clean energy economy that will stimulate investment, create jobs and meet the energy needs of residents and businesses over its 10-year planning horizon. To that end, the Plan provides the framework within which the State will reliably meet its future energy needs in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, establishes policy objectives to guide State agencies and authorities as they address energyrelated issues and sets forth strategies and recommendations to achieve these objectives.

The Plan's strategies and recommendations have been designed to meet five policy objectives:

  • Assure that New York has reliable energy and transportation systems;
  • Support energy and transportation systems that enable the State to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, both to do the State's part in responding to the dangers posed by climate change and to position the State to compete in a national and global carbonconstrained economy;
  • Address affordability concerns of residents and businesses caused by rising energy bills, and improve the State's economic competitiveness;
  • Reduce health and environmental risks associated with the production and use of energy across all sectors; and
  • Improve the State's energy independence and fuel diversity by developing in-state energy supply resources.

Five strategies are outlined in the Plan, which simultaneously achieve these multiple policy objectives. The strategies are: (1) produce, deliver and use energy more efficiently; (2) support development of instate energy supplies; (3) invest in energy and transportation infrastructure; (4) stimulate innovation in a clean energy economy; and (5) engage others in achieving the State's policy objectives.