New York Electric Rates

Below are average electricity rates for New York as published by the Energy Information Administration, a part of the Department of Energy of the United States government. The average for residential electricity price and the commercial electricity price are provided on a monthly basis. Additionally, the average price of electricity in New York, across all sectors, is provided in comparison to the average electricity price for the United States.

Power2Switch shall update this information on a monthly basis as new information becomes available. Unfortunately, the latest available electricity rates data is always delayed by 30 to 60 days. Indicative electricity rates, or price to compare rates, can be found for the individual utilities in New York as well. Click on the utility's name below to view the price to compare for that utility.

NY average electricity rate for December 2012:
17.58 ¢/kWh

NY average electricity rate for December 2012 vs U.S. electricity rate:
17.58 ¢/kWh vs 11.98 ¢/kWh